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Land Development

Keystone Contracting and Building is a leader in land development. Our knowledgeable and certified team of professionals are highly experienced in designing, permitting, constructing and managing projects for a successful land development process. With our full line of services, Keystone Contracting and Building provides a one-stop-shop for each stage of the entire developmental life cycle from start to finish. Our experienced personnel can work directly with developers to create cost savings strategies throughout the entire development process. We understand that land development takes numerous resources and specialized skill sets to be executed properly, which is why Keystone Contracting and Building prides itself on having some of the most experienced personnel in the industry.

Modular Construction

Keystone Contracting and Building specializes in modular construction that is both highly efficient and cost-effective. By using prefabricated components, Keystone Contracting and Building can complete buildings to the highest standard in a fraction of the time it would take their traditional counterparts. Furthermore, the quality of modular construction is comparable to those built with conventional methods and can be customized to suit specific needs. By working with Keystone Contracting and Building, you can enjoy higher levels of productivity and improved agility while meeting your construction goals.


It takes a highly skilled operator to accurately measure and excavate land due to the level of precision required. Keystone Contracting and Building takes this expertise seriously and provides experienced professionals knowledgeable in the latest technology and safety standards available. Their team consists of a variety of people from different backgrounds with the same goal – completing their projects on time and on budget using their expert excavating skillset. Keystone Contracting and Building stands out among competitors because they prioritize quality assurance and clear communication throughout the entire project timeline, making sure that clients are satisfied with accuracy in results every step of the way.

Realtors, Brokers and Investors

Keystone Contracting and Building has been helping realtors, brokers, and investors for over a decade in the Southwestern PA. Our experience in the industry is unparalleled and our team always works diligently to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. We understand that these three types of professionals have different needs and we take every one of these into account. We guarantee to make sure each of our projects are given the attention they deserve and that any necessary questions or concerns are addressed promptly and professionally. Keystone Contracting and Building is dedicated to providing realtors, brokers, and investors with the best service possible.

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From skilled subcontractors to expert procurement resources, Keystone Contracting and Building has everything needed to get any job done right. Get started today and experience Keystone’s superior contracting services for yourself!

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